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Renée L. Theuer was captured by photography at a very early age in her father's darkroom. She received a Brownie Camera for her grandmother at 9 years old and quickly learned the value of capturing moments in time. She studied photography at RCC and built a darkroom in her home where she learned about what Ansel Adams called, “painting with light” for 10 years.

She made the decision from the beginning to always print her own work. When digital photography became available to the public, she taught herself the ever changing technology of digital imagery from taking the picture to printing final product—constantly challenging herself to learn new mediums and methods to continue to grow. Printing pictures on a variety of paper fibers and canvas was just the beginning of her dual concentration on photography and printing. She feels honored to have printed the work of many local artists and photographers over the years.

 of years ago, she discovered Dye Sublimation printing. She readily invested in the new equipment needed and taught herself through trial and error how to print on metal, tile, porcelain, wood, slate, glass and more. She saw that her images took on an added appeal depending upon the medium used. Dye sublimation printing became her new passion.

Renee still really enjoys photo restoration for the joy of helping her clients. But the added ability to print restored images on all of the media above has deepened her ability to wow her clients.

Everything she makes is sold either in the Blue Door Museum at the Riverside Art Museum, Riverside Metropolitan Museum, online or in her store; Renee's Artique at 6773 Brockton Ave, Riverside. Find her at www.reneesartique.com or www.rltphotoartist.com.

Raincrosses.com website was started by Renee L. Theuer, Photographic Artist and Lifelong Resident of Riverside CA to share what I love with you.   


I will restore your photo to place it on your gift if needed.  Here are a few samples...,

Raincrosses.com Printing On Metal Or Canvas Or Tile Or Glass

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www.raincrosses.com  Most of Renee's items are available at the Renee's Artique at 6773 Brockton Ave., Riverside CA 92506

Want a personalized orange grove label or other item?  Just give me a call at 951-529-1449 and leave me a message.  Thank you for visiting my page.

The slideshow above shows just a few of the personalized Items that I can make for you....samples from the web...click on the catalogue link here to see many more....